Friday, January 6, 2012

Shaving Cream Fun

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 I am a big proponent of sensory activities for kids.  Kids learn so much through their senses and as kids get older I think many educators tend to only focus on visual and auditory learning.  While these lend themselves easily to teaching (as in I show you and I tell you), kids can learn an immense amount through touch, smell and taste as well.

Shaving cream provides a great medium for using touch and smell, and occasionally taste, although most who've done it say it's not pleasant.  This is an easy activity to do.  All that is required is a flat surface, a pile of shaving cream and a shirt or smock to protect clothes.  If you really want limit the mess, playing with shaving cream in the bathtub gives you a pretty contained area and then everything can just be washed down the drain. 

I use the cheapest shaving cream I can find.  I have a few cans that my husband didn't care for, so I rescued them from the trash.  Total cost of this activity... free!

Catching up!

Posted by Kristin at 11:51 AM 1 comments
With all the hullabaloo of the holidays, this blog took a back seat (in a bad way).  But good news!  I got an awesome camera for Christmas and I've been taking pictures like crazy, so over the next few days, I hope to feature all of the kids and what we've been doing lately.

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